Saturday, October 12, 2013

October 7th-11th Weekly Review

Another week has ended, the days are going by slowly but the weeks are going by too fast! How is that even possible?

This week we finally got around to doing to last two projects for the sun in our Apologia Astronomy. The first project was to make a solar eclipse. This was an awesome visual project for the kids.

The dark circle and the fuzzy circle around the dark circle is where you would be able to see the eclipse.

The 2nd project was to make a sun viewing box. They wanted their daddy to help with this and I'm glad he did, because I was a little bit confused on how it all went together.
Thomas found the sun in the box!!

Thomas finished his Dolphin Adventure book, and is now reading Stone Fox. This book is an adventure book, but its more of a mystery to us. We are anxious to keep reading to find out why the Grandpa is so sad.
He is skipping around in his Singapore Math book since he is still reviewing. And he still LOVES Life of Fred. I have to admit, its better than I had imagined.
In language arts, he's learned all the capitalization rules, and now moving to period rules. He's also learning about different types of nouns.

Nathaniel is moving along in his phonics/reading. He's on his 3rd reading book and is reading more quickly. He's almost ready for his test in Math U See on the color blocks.

Nathaniel coloring in the astronomy book while I read.

We STILL didn't get Sarah's work printed so she's been playing with Hattie and listening to what I read the boys.

Sarah lying on the bean bag in the floor with her peanut butter spoon.

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