The Prize Shop

Last school year, I used M&M's as motivators to my kids {which worked really well}, but I knew I had to invest in something other than chocolate and cavities. This year I decided to start a school store and my boys are getting a much greater benefit and they love the motivation.

I bought some fake coins at Staples {until I can get the Melissa & Doug set from Amazon} and I also picked up some dollar bills from the dollar tree to get us started. They keep their money in a "wallet" and I let them exchange coins/dollars as often as they want.

I use a storage tub as the store, and have stocked up on goodies from the Dollar Tree, and also made some coupons to throw in as merchandise. There's candy, toys, coupons {for Sweet Frog, DS games, and even real $}, school supplies etc..

The store opens on Friday after school {for my sanity} and they can spend as much or as little as they want.

How money is earned:
*daily worksheets                             .10 each
*good behavior                                .01 given randomly
*memorized Bible verse {Friday}       $5
*extra worksheets                            .25-$2 depending on the worksheet
*name on paper                               .01
*name on dry erase                         .25 each up to 4 times, neatly
*Thomas's drawing                          $2 once completed
*Nathaniel letter recognition             .01
*Nathaniel letter sounds                   .05
*Thomas's math drill                        .10 each correct

So far we haven't ran into any problems with the store. The boys are learning how to sort money, count money, save money, and spend money!!

If you have any suggestions on how I can improve the store please share them!!


  1. This is a great idea. I too had been giving the kids m&m's. We needed them for a project my ds was doing and had a bunch left over. So they were rewards. However, I also did not want to feed them sugar and reward with food. Thanks for the great idea.

    1. My boys loved the M&Ms {and so did I}, but they like this even more. I do have some junk food in the box as well as notebooks, pencils, and $ Tree toys....they always go for the toys LOL

  2. Wow! I love this idea! I have also bought the plastic coins and dollars from Dollar tree. I think I will try this with Isaac. What a great way to teach them to save and learn how to count and spend money!

    1. Charity, Im sure he would love it. I hardly ever let my kids get stuff when we grocery shop, so they this is their chance to shop for junk {food and toys}.

  3. Love this idea! I would be a super-cool mom in my kids' eyes if I took time to put something like this together! And they would probably be a lot more motivated. :D

    1. We couldnt function with out this now LOL They look forward to Friday =)


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