About Me

*I'm  Crystal

* I turned 31 in April {gosh Im getting old} 

*I have an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and worked in 2 different child care centers before having my own children. {And I secretly miss it, however, I would'nt change my life for anything}.

*I've been married 9 years to Daniel {my first love}

*We have 4 children ~ 2 boys and 2 girls {in that order and all roughly 2 years apart}

*I've been homeschooling since 2010.

*After having each of my children, my taste buds told me that I enjoyed new foods {1st pears, 2nd sweet carrots, 3rd guacamole, and 4th spicy foods}.
*I enjoy photography {email me if you are interested in a photo session}.

*I also have an Etsy shop {Hattie and Hope} with lots of little girls hairbows and headbands.

*I am a little bit on the {over} protective/paranoid side when it comes to my kids {it runs in my moms side of the family} 


  1. Crystal, You are an amazing mom and a great inspiration to me! You are doing a wonderful job with your darlings, thank you for wanting to encourage the rest of us homeschoolers. God bless you and your sweet family!
    Charity Brown~

    1. Thank you Charity, I feel the same about you. Please keep posting pictures/ideas....I love getting ideas from other moms.


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