Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 14th - 18th weekly review

I'm behind again. A week behind. . . . . 

BUT.............I do have a lot of pictures to share from last week.

So much as gone on since last week I dont remember in enough detail what all we worked on. I'll have to let the pictures do the talking.

Thomas working on his cursive writing.

Here's the product of his hard work. {yes, I see the word spelled wrong at the bottom}.
Thomas seeing if the desk is longer or shorter than a meter.

Thomas circled the perpendicular lines on Fred's face.

In All About Spelling, we went over when to use the letter {c} and {k}.

Nathaniel taking his math test.

This is a typical day's work for Nathaniel. He has a worksheet, and his reading book.

Sarah worked on the letter O this week.  She helped the otter find his home in this activity.

Sarah working on her poke page.
Sarah colored a page with her "special" markers.

Working on the O puzzle.

Sarah enjoyed this number game. I put different numbers in the box and Sarah had to fill the space with the number of "babies" in the box.

Sarah filled the O with O stickers. This always keeps my kids busy for a while.

More sticker art for Sarah.

Sarah is serious when it comes to cutting. She holds the scissors wrong, and will not hold them the right way.

Sarah loves the magnet page!!

I printed 2 of these and Sarah chose to paint this letter O.

Sarah's do a dot 3 page.

Sarah sorted and glued the pieces all by herself. She's very independent and loves work that she can do alone.

Hattie LOVES blocks, any and all blocks.

Hattie was proud of her sticker art, too!

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