Monday, October 7, 2013

September 30th-October 4th Weekly Review

*We had special meetings at church last week, and I got too busy/tired to update the blog*


Things we've been slack on the past couple of weeks:

The Prairie Primer: We've taken a short break after reading the 1st book. The main reason is because we have a LOT on our plate{s} right now. We are almost finished with the Abeka science, health, and history and that will give us more time during the day. Hopefully next week, we'll start the 2nd Little House book.

Sarah's schooling: Daniel {my husband} prints off Sarah's school work for me, and I didnt give him the flash drive to have it printed. I've been just letting her play!! 

Apologia Astromomy: We've been working on this, but we still havent finished the last 2 projects on the sun.


What we have been working on:

Thomas worked on all his work but I'll just post the fun stuff!

Thomas started a new reading genre: Adventure. To kick off his reading he had a little scavenger hunt. He LOVES these hunts and asks every once in a while to do one. This one caught him completely by surprise.

These are the cards I made up for the hunt and his 2 books for adventure.

This is a worksheet that goes along with Thomas's reading.
Thomas pulled another top tooth, this makes 6 total that he's lost.

Nathaniel worked on his math and reading/phonics this week with no complaints. His math lesson this week{s} is to memorize his color blocks. To be honest, I wasn't sure how long this would take. We've played games and he's done worksheets and he's actually doing well with remembering them.

Nathaniel and Hattie playing with the color blocks.
Well, its sideways...but this is one of his math sheets.

In phonics/reading he's keeping up like a champ. I'm really happy with my choice for his reading/phonics. He likes that the worksheets are different every day and that his books are fun to read. He had a spelling pretest, and passed it with flying colors. 

Here he is taking the pretest. He made me a very proud mama!
This is Nathaniel's 2nd reader. He likes the funny story about the cat shaking up the can and getting sprayed.
 That's all for last week, now to take pictures and get ready for this week's post!

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