Friday, December 21, 2012

unit 18 review {BLHFHG}

Unit 18
Beyond Little Hearts For His Glory {+ extras}

Bible verse:
We spent this week reviewing some  of our previous Bible verses.

We finished up our story about Joseph and Issac. They boys traveled many days, ended up getting very weak, tired and hungry. Finally, they found a cottage and were safe.
The next story we read was about the town of Swansea, a widow with 2 children and an Indian named Warmsly. The Indian wanted some hard cider, and the widow refused to give him any because she knew it would make him drunk. Warmsly was angry, and the widow was scared of him. The children made a sparkler candle for a special party they were having. During their party, Warmsly and some other Indians showed up and demanded cider. While the widow was trying to pass time, the candle went off and scared the Indians, and they ran away.
The next story was about a maid, name Experience, and a family that lived in the "fort house". This was a house built of brick with wood on the outside. She seen an Indian coming towards the house and she hid the 2 small children she was watching under 2 kettles while she ran for a gun. When the Indian got to the house, the children were crying and screaming, and trying to get the kettles off.  This scared the Indian, and he shot at the children with his gun. The children were then more angry and frightened and they screamed more. The Indian was scared of the "monsters" he had seen and ran away, and the children were safe.

I asked the boys what they had learned this week about the Indians and Thomas's reply was, "They are scared of the things they cannot see."

On Friday, we read in Matthew 14 about Jesus walking on water. We talked about how the colonist had to trust Jesus, just as the disciples did in the Bible.

I made a trail with 2 different scents for the boys to follow, just like dogs follow scents of people. They enjoyed this game/experiment.
 {even Hattie followed the scent}

 {once they made it to the sink, they lost the scent}

*we didnt do the flashlight experiment, the flashlight was in Daddy's work van*
*we didnt do the butterfly experiment*

Thomas made a candle like the 2 children did and we cut holes for the sparks and put tin foil behind the paper to show the sparks.

We are still reading Who Stole the Wizard of Oz. I think this book is a little bit above what my boys can understand right now. They get confused with all the characters, and when they go back and forth between scenarios.
We also picked up another mystery book from the library called The Boxcar Children The Firehouse Mystery . We read this book in an evening/next morning time frame. They loved this mystery and kept right up with the book. 
They found one more mystery from the library that we will start soon called The Bald Bandit. 

Thomas went for his 8 year well visit this week, and is steadily growing in the 10th percentile still. He's gained 5 pounds and a few inches this past year.

We dropped the boys off at cub scouts on Monday night and went to Goodwill. We got some books, and other things......for around $12. 
Here are the books, minus the one Thomas snatched up.
Thomas found one book that grabbed his attention, and here's how I found him that night.  

Sarah had pajama day at preschool, and a field trip to the library this week.
Sarah before we left for school.
 Here is another of Sarah with her favorite snack....yogurt.

At the library, the kids got a kit to take home and make a pinecone bird feeder. 

  We have been really slack with our "charts" since Thanksgiving, and can tell its time for a break. We will be taking a 2 week break now. When we start back up in January, I will be adding a few new things to our daily schedule. I added the extras to our curriculum page.

We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, and a fun filled break!!

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