Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas break 2012

 Christmas Break.....

We needed a break and I counted up how many lessons we had left in our Horizons books, and how many weeks we had left in HOD and found that if we took 2 weeks off at Christmas, and 1 week in April, that we would be finished with everything the first week of May. We enjoyed the break and slept in {me until around 9, and the kids til around 11}, and the kids played while I cleaned and didnt worry about lessons.
We've never done a "big" Christmas with our kids. I bought them 1 gift to open on Christmas Eve. I always buy the same gift every year.....pajamas. They get 1 gift to open to calm the excitement, and they can wear them to bed and I know they'll be clothed the next morning.
On Christmas day, this year, the kids had 1 gift each to open. Last year, they each got 5 smaller ones.

Christmas Eve, getting ready to open their gift.
 Thomas and Sarah
And finally getting ready for bed
 Thomas's gift was a little different. It wasn't "new". I had bought a Kindle Fire right before his birthday in late August. Its been "the family Kindle" and stayed mostly with me. He loves it and wanted one so I wrapped it up, and sent him on a scavenger hunt to find his gift. I changed the title in the corner to say "Thomas's Kindle", and gave him a $25 gift card. He was as happy as can be.
Nathaniel got an iPod touch, and was thrilled. When he opened it, he started rolling around on the ground and I couldnt get a good picture of him.
 Sarah got the Leap Pad 2. She didn't know what to expect besides a "present". She didn't really understand to tell me what she wanted. My kids dont normally want things, we dont usually go to the toy sections in stores {unless we are buying a gift}, and we dont have a TV to watch commercials.
And since everyone else got electronics, I bought Hattie a VTech "smart" phone. It has letters and numbers you can push and it sings lots of songs.
 This was the best picture I could find of her with it.
  We spent our break spending time with each other, visiting family, and of course, eating {I gained 10 pounds....ick}. 
I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and break, we enjoyed ours but were ready to get back into school.

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