Friday, December 14, 2012

unit 17 review {BLHFHG}

Unit 17

Bible verse:
Casting all your care upon him;
 for he careth for you. 
1 Peter 5:7

The boys enjoyed the Bible verse again this week. Once again, it was easy for them to remember. We talked about casting our cares upon the Lord. We talked about different things that worry us, or for me things that stress me. Then we talked about praying to God to ask for help for our troubles.

 This week in history we  read about 2 little boys, Issac and Joseph, who were taken captive by some Indians. The boys were taken far away and they knew they couldnt be found. They decided to work to gain the Indians trust so they wouldnt be watched so closely and they could escape. They learned to grind corn, and helped carry water, gather wood, and tan deer skins. The two boys learned some Indian words and overheard the Indians plan to take them to Canada in the spring. The boys escaped in the middle of the night from the Indians. They hid during the day and followed the stars at night.

The boys listened as I reread a part of the story of Joseph and Issac and they made the scene of the lake, trees, and sunset.

We talked about fish this week and how fish live and breath under water. Some things we talked about were:
*fish have slimy skin that protect them
*fish have scales that protect by reflecting thier surroundings like a mirror

We also learned a few new words this week regarding rivers.
source: the beginning of the river
bed:the bottom of the river
bank: the sides of the river
mouth: the place where the river runs into another body of water

We used play dough to create a model of a river and labeled the parts. {we did not add water} 

    We started our new reading genre this week: mystery
Our book is titled Who Stole the Wizard of Oz?  We started out by each placing an item in a bag. Then the other 2 of us would ask yes/no questions about the item. When we still couldnt guess what was in the bag we would feel the object, finally the objects were guessed. Here are our items:

Thomas finished up another emerging reader this week and has started a new one. He is excited to read about the "first flight". Since we live in NC this is special to us. He has actually been to the Wright Brothers museum, but he doesnt remember it.
  He is learning fractions in math this week, and is also still carrying, borrowing, and multiplying.
 I have decided to use a different spelling curriculum for next year with him. Horizons has lots of fun activities, but for us we need something more than that. We need to learn the reason why words are spelled the way they are.
Not sure if you can tell in the picture or not, but Thomas got his fingers caught in a door last Sunday night. It turned blue, and was swollen. By today {Firday} he says it feels a lot better.
 Thomas has also been a little under the weather this week. He runs a fever at night, and is congested during the day. He's a trooper and has still managed to finish all of his work this week.

Nathaniel is moving right along with his Kindergarten math, he is adding, writing before and after #'s.
 He is also doing good with is phonics. I like Horizons phonics, but I feel that they give a LOT of work for one day/sitting, and not just for phonics, I feel the same with their math. Im not sure what I'll do next year for phonics with him. 

Sarah had her preschool Christmas program Thursday night. She's 1/2 through the year and its going by fast.

Hattie is cutting molars and has been a little fussy.

 She found her brothers math work.......this girl loves to color.

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