Monday, September 9, 2013

September 2-6 Weekly Review

We've just finished our 2nd week of school and I'm already falling behind on blogging.  This week was much better than last week, and I'm expecting this next week to be even better!

I still used the sticky tabs for my planning with a few notes written on notebook paper, but I ordered the Well Planned Day Planner and am really looking forward to putting it to use. {Affiliate link below}


All together:
     All the kids worked on their daily learning notebooks together after we prayed each morning.

Nathaniel working on the date {with a toilet paper roll on his arm}

Nathaniel loves coloring this little guy everyday.    

Not sure why Boots looks so disgusted LOL

Prairie Primer:
The boys worked on week 2 of  Little House in the Big Woods.  They listened intently every day to the chapters and loved the activities that went along with the reading.

A few of the highlights were:

     * We watched YouTube videos of how maple syrup is made, and I will admit.....I had no clue that maple syrup came from the sap of a maple tree.
   *We also watched a couple of YouTube videos of people squaredancing. 

    * Hasty pudding......sounded gross, but was super easy to make and actually tasted pretty good {to Nathaniel and I, Thomas said "disgusting"}  

making hasty pudding just like Grandma

Here's the final product, it tasted like grits without the grit.

Nathaniel ate a bowl full of the hasty pudding!                                                                      

     Thomas is really enjoying the Life of Fred math book. I read him a chapter a day, and he answers the questions. A few things covered so far: Archimedes, 2y+4y = ?, spelling February and Tuesday, and learning where Kansas is on a map. In his Singapore math book he is still reviewing from last year.

working on word problems in Singapore math

In language/English he is working on telling/declarative sentences, asking/interrogative sentences, capitalization, and punctuation.

We are stilling working on the phonograms  in All About Spelling. The vowels are pretty hard on both of us to remember, but we are working on them each day.

putting the letters in order getting ready to play a game

     Nathaniel is working on lesson 1 in his math. He is just about ready for lesson 2.

they HAVE to be just right or he's not happy
 He is also doing really well in his reading. He's been doubling up the lessons thus far, and says its really easy.

coloring the blends
Nathaniel has also been drawing quite a bit in his free time, and is very proud of his work:

This is how I find him when he's taking a break


     Sarah worked on the letter E all week. She enjoyed working on the activities and almost every day asked for more work.

Sarah's first color by number
Display of Sarah's work

Sarah and Boots playing

     Hattie has enjoyed coloring, drawing, watching the Letter Factory DVD, and just playing with her siblings.

Nathaniel dressed her up =)
Hattie loves to draw and erase

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  1. crystal I loved reading this and seeing the pictures. Lol on the hasty pudding. What curriculum do you use with them? I wish I would have started from the beginning with my kids but down in fl you hardly ever hear of home schooling your children. I heard NC is the top homeschooling state. Can't wait to read week 3


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