Friday, September 20, 2013

September 16-20 Weekly Review

I told the kids at the beginning of this week that we were having a catch up week. The reaction on their faces was priceless. They thought I was saying "ketchup". We weren't really behind on anything except for the Prairie Primer work. We did, thankfully, get it all finished by Thursday. However, now we are behind on our Apologia Astronomy projects.

Before I even begin on posting about 
our's gonna be short and sweet
 because we are leaving in the morning for 
the beach and I only have about 1/2 of our 
things packed!! I wanted to get this written 
before finishing up the packing.

The only time they sit at the table together is to eat, and do their daily notebooking journals.

We are working on Level 1 in All About Spelling, not because he cant spell the words {that part is easy}, but learning every sound of every letter has taken 4 weeks. I think now that he has the phonograms down pat, we'll fly through the rest of  level 1.

Here are a few pictures from his spelling lessons this week:

Phonograms mastered!!           

Thomas and Sarah listening to me say the sounds of letters and they would write the letter I was sounding out.
{ks = x}
Our  neighbor came over to play and helped sort the letters of the alphabet.

Thomas had some birthday money and spent it on this bracelet making loom.

Nathaniel finished lesson 2 of Math U See Alpha. He was proud that his test was "easy", and that he got $5 of school money for doing so good on the test.

In his reading, he's still moving pretty fast. We are still doing double lessons on most days. He has started adding a reader to his lessons, and is not complaining  about the work being hard.  

I noticed the boys accidentally matched their clothes one day and wanted to take a picture. Of course, Sarah wanted in too.

Nathanael {our friend}, Nathaniel, and Thomas

 Sarah didn't work on a letter this week. She played with blocks, shaving cream, colored, and played on her leap pad. 
She loves butterflies and I found her a butterfly picture to color. She usually picks markers to color with, but we won these crayon rocks and she was anxious to try them out. She enjoyed coloring with these cool "rocks". The boys really enjoyed them too.    

I picked up this dry erase board and she's had a lot of fun drawing on it

Sarah's turn to pick a name from the prayer pail
Hattie is really enjoying the Leap Pad letter factory movie. She tells me every day that she wants to watch the "E Room". It amazes me at how fast little ones learn and catch on. She played with blocks and shaving cream this week too.
We are excited about out vacation next week and I hope to get lots of pictures to share!! 

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