Friday, April 26, 2013

Unit 33 review {BLHFHG}

Unit 33 Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory {+ extras}

{I'm sorry that there are no pictures for this week's review, blogger isn't uploading my pictures for this week}

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:
but a broken spirit drieth the bones.
Proverbs 17:22
We talked about our attitudes, and how having a positive attitude will make others happy, and a bad attitude with make others sad, and not want to "play" with us. We talked about what a "good medicine" does, and how we want to stay healthy and happy. We named some people we know that are always cheerful and how it feels to be around cheerful people.

This week we talked about a little girl named Hilda that had came from Norway with her family {dad, mom, and 2 brothers}, to live on the Great Plains. In Norway, Hilda had a really nice house and lots of friends. When Hilda's family moved, they had to live in a sod house and she had no one to play with, and she complained a lot, missing home. In the winter, Hilda's dad and brothers went to town to get supplies, and on the way back they were caught in a snowstorm. God was watching over the men and the oxen led them back home. In the spring, a group of  covered wagons came through and stopped at Hilda's house. Hilda fogot how sad she was {missing Norway} because she was busy playing with the babies that were in the wagons. Hilda's mother told her that one of the wagons would be going back to Norway and that she could go back with them and live with her grandmother. Hilda decided to stay with her family.

We talked about different kids of dirt and colored a map to show what kind of dirt the western states have.  We learned that in the Great Plains the dirt was dark black which was good for growing crops.
The Indians taught the pioneers how to grow corn and wheat. We read about seeds and the different parts of a seed. When found the little "helicopter's" outside {aka maple seeds} and broke a few open to see what we could find. We also made a replica of a seed with playdough and covered it in saran wrap to be a coat for the seed.

We talked about snowflakes and how that no 2 snowflakes are exactly the same. We also made paper snowflakes and compared them.

We found Norway on the globe, and seen how far it was from the Great Plains. We talked about how different the land was in Norway and the Great Plains.

 We started our last book genre today: Folk Tale. Our book is The Apple And The Arrow. To introduce the folk tale genre we played telephone. I told a story to Thomas, he then told Nathaniel and then Nathaniel said it aloud. The story was basically the same, but with some details added or taken away.  Folk tales are often changed as they are retold. 
We talked about the words: compare and contrast. We talked about the differences and similarities between the setting of the story and our home.
We talked about virtue, and found that in the story the father wouldn't bow to the pole and hat and thought he was showing virtue.

In our Abeka studies, we learned about percipitation, and about the atmosphere. We also talked about slaves and America's future.

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