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unit 28 review {BLHFHG}

Unit 28 HOD Beyond + Extras

Bible Verse:
Train up a child in the way he should go: 
and when his is old, he will not depart from it.
Romans 22:6

We talked about sowing and reaping seeds, both naturally and spiritually {cause and effect}. We talked about some good things we have done/can do and the consequences of our actions, as well as some of the bad things we have done/will do, and those consequences

This is a flower to remind us of what happens when we sow good things in our lives. {By:Thomas}

This week's focus was on Daniel Boone and the pioneers going west to Kentucky on the Wilderness Road. 

Thomas showing off his Daniel Boone hat!

A few things we learned about the Wilderness Road:
*it was very narrow
*it was a part of an old Indian trail
*35 axmen helped Daniel Boone clear the road

We thought of how hard it would be to travel with no bridges to cross water, or no tunnels to go through the mountains. We take a lot for granted today!

I placed sticky notes around the house with {X}'s on them and the kids followed the trail. They had a lot of fun pretending to be axmen and chopping down trees. 

 We filled in another part of our timeline with "Daniel Boone" this week!

We read a story about a little girl named Molly. She and her family were leaving North Carolina {our state again}and traveling to Kentucky for good farm land. Molly's mother made her a journey dress for the trip. This was a task but Molly had never had a new dress before so she was really excited. Lots of steps had to be taken before the journey dress was finished. {see science section for steps}

 We looked at a map of the United States and followed the Wilderness Road. We also learned about the Cumberland Gap, which my boys have been to, but we had no clue the history of this place!

making the journey dress:
*Her father sheared the sheep for wool for the new dress. 
*Molly washed the wool until it was white and clean. 
*The wool was carded {or brushed}, and then put on the spinning wheel
*Next, it was put in the dye pot and dyed {blue}, and then put on the loom and she wove in the woolen yarn 

The kids got a cotton ball each and pretended to pick out sticks, and then brushed it. They rolled it to make "yarn" and then dip dyed it. They had a lot of fun with this.

We checked our clothes and seen that most clothes today are made of cotton, not wool.

While on the journey to Kentucky, Molly's family had hard times. Once Molly and her baby sister were sitting under a tree and a wildcat almost jumped on the girls. Luckily, Molly's brother Johnny shot the wildcat with his rifle and saved his sister's lives. He was proud of himself, and he even earned a gun. 

This is our friend, Nathanael, acting like he was a pioneer.


The boys LOVED learning about rifles this week. Of course, they probably know more about guns than I do, and I probably actually learned the most.
We learned that the rifles used back then were 4 feet long.

 We taped a ruler to a yard stick and "made" a rifle.

We finished Mr. Popper's Penguins this week. I think this has been the most enjoyable book so far. However, for some reason my boys have a hard time remembering that it is a HUMOR book.  

Next week, we start a new genre: realistic fiction.

Science: We talked about insects, and their purpose. We also talked about plants and flowers. We seen the different parts of the flower and talked about the purpose of each part.
History:We talked about the Colonist which was a good review for the boys. We talked about what a colony was, and reviewed that there were 13 colonies in early America.

Here are a few extras from the week:
Hattie has been sick all week, and big brother Thomas helped by cuddling her while I got some house work done.

Sarah and Thomas enjoying a treat!

 Hattie helping Daddy work

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