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Unit 25 review {BLHFHG}

Unit 25 Beyond Little Hearts For His Glory {+ extras}

Bible Verse:
Greater love hath no man than this,
that a man lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13
We talked about Jesus dying for us on the cross. I tried to put a lot of emphasis on telling the boys that even if they were THE only person on Earth that Jesus would have still died for them. I could see their little minds working.  We talked about people that are "self centered", and what we could do to not be "self centered". The boys said they could give money, toys, and time to others when they wanted these things for themselves, and not wanting to share.
We talked about being in God's army, and putting on God's armor. We read in Ephesians where Paul talked about putting on the armor of God. We talked about how we should be ready to fight, not physically fighting but spiritually fighting Satan and his army. If we have on God's armor, we should trust God and not be afraid. Here are the boys animals with the armor of God on, ready to fight. 

Richard was only 10 years old when he joined the Continental Army. His friends laughed at him when he told them he was going to join. Richard's job was to play the fife for the troops, which kept their spirits high.  Richard and his division was taking captive by the British. The British thought it was funny that such a young boy was in the army, and even more funny that he was just playing an instrument. Richard was forced to fight a young English boy, the boy was still bigger than Richard. Richard won the fist fight and he and his colonol was set free. Once he got home, the children weren't laughing anymore, they thought it was really neat that he was in the army.
 Levi, was another young boy who fought in the war. He was chosen to watch over General Washington's bodyguards. Levi did a great job and even helped George Washington give a dinner party for some very important guest.
We read about George Washington going out among the men in the army in a long coat {disguising himself from the men}. He came upon a corporal and his men trying to build a fort. The corporal told the men what to do, but never offered to help them. Just then George Washington ran up and helped the men get the last log up that was about to fall. He asked the corporal why he wouldn't help his men and it offended the man. He then unbuttoned his overcoat and showed his uniform to the men. This was a good lesson for the corporal and to us as well. We will gain more respect by helping others, and not just barking orders at them. 

We filled in the ending of the Revolutionary war on our timeline this week.

With the help of  this website  we found the following battle sites of American victories during the Revolutionary War:
Concord, NH
Trenton, NY
Saratoga, NY
Valley Forge, PA {wasn't on the map}
Yorktown, VA  {wasn't on the map}

We also looked in our book at what America looked like back then and learned that the battles were fought in the NE because that's where the colonies were, the rest was unclaimed land. 

Thomas made a paper cone and experimented with sound. He spoke through the cone, and listened to the cone. We found that the cone channeled the noises.  Boots cupped his hand around his ear and found that he could hear better when the noises were channeled with his hand. We read about sound, the importance of our ears, and the structure of the ear.

We also talked about the sense of taste. Your nose and your tongue work together to help you taste your food. We tried a little experiment with apples and cinnamon.  
First, the boys tasted the apple. Their response:  "it taste like an apple".
Next, the boys sniffed some cinnamon and then tasted the apple. Their response: "the apple taste really sweet."
Last, the boys held their nose shut {like when you have a stuffy nose} and tasted the apple. Their response: "we cant taste, can we smell the cinnamon again and then eat the apple."

We started a new genre this week: HUMOR.
The book we are reading for the next 20 days is Mr. Popper's Penguins. To teach "humor" we wrote alliterations with the boys names.  

Sorry its sideways............

 We also talked about cause and effect after reading one day.  We learned that for everything that happens {cause}, something else will happen because of that {effect}.
 We talked about the Godly character trait JOY and found different instances in the book where the characters showed joy. 
1.Being nice to the penguin
2.Being happy with the penguin

 Other pieces of our week:
 I finally ordered the Melissa and Doug play money set I had been wanting for our school store. I had $10 of Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks, the money set was on sale, and I have Amazon Prime so I ended up paying less than $5 total. The boys LOVE the money. They like the new money better because its bigger.

I've been having to make lesson plans since adding more reading and the Abeka stuff to our days. Here's this weeks lesson plan.

We finished White Fang his week, and picked out a new book, Ferret in the Bedroom, Lizards in the Fridge. We read one chapter of the new book and the boys are already a little confused, since the setting is in a public school and the kids are in 6th grade. I had to try to explain:homeroom, running for class president, and locker rooms.

My boys loved White Fang, and I'm expecting that they will want me to read it to them again.

Science: We learned more about beavers and the special way God made them.

Health: We talked about staying safe on the streets by following signs, traffic laws, also bicycle, walking and car safety.

History: We talked more about America's songs, and listened to them on YouTube. We also talked about "the people who built America". This was a great review for the boys and they loved seeing pictures of the people in England. I was really happy that they remembered the stories of the pilgrims being caught by King James on their way to Holland.

Thomas read about lots of animals this week in his Emerging Reader book. This past summer,at my dad's, we kept finding these nasty, huge green caterpillar looking things on my dads tomato plants. Thomas read about those this week, and we found out that they turn into hawkmoths. 
He started xtramath this week, thanks to a blogger friend for sharing this site with us. His "score" started out at 30 and he ended the week at 39. Thomas is good with his math facts, he's just not super fast. He is still working on his Horizons 2nd grade math and is moving right along.
No drawing this week.

Nathaniel also started xtramath. His score was a 4 in the beginning and he ended the week with a 7. He is like me and doesn't like to be "timed". For both boys, I had to hide the teacher with my hand when they played "race the teacher".
He worked on his Horizons K math and his phonics this week, and even read a few readers.

We also have a friend, Nathanael, who will coming over and doing school with us on Wednesdays until the end of the school year. This week was his first Wednesday and I think he enjoyed being with the boys. If you would, keep his family in prayer, he lost his mother almost a month ago. He is 7, and his sister 9.

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