Friday, February 8, 2013

unit 23 review {BLHFHG}

Unit 23 Beyond Little Hearts For His Glory {+ extras}

Bible Verse:

A soft answer turneth away wrath:
but grievous words stir up anger. 
Proverbs 15:1

We talked about how situations can change by the tone of our voice.  We also read about Abram and Lot in Genesis. Abram gave lot the first choice of land to stop the arguing. 

We started out the week by reading about a little boy named Eli. Eli was a young boy who lived in the wilderness by the Blue Ridge Mountains. A young surveyor, named George, came by to spend the night. The Indians were mad about their land being surveyed and surrounded Eli's house with plans to burn the cabin. Eli bravely and  approached the Indians outside {and spoke softly} and showed them a little pair of moccasins that belonged to the Chief's daughter. Eli's mother had taken care of the little Indian girl when she strayed away from her camp. Years later, Eli found out that the surveyor, George, was actually General George Washington. 

The next story we read was about a little girl named Patience Arnold. She was left in charge of the barn door key by her mother. She was busy making her sampler, but longed to play outside. She was obedient and worked hard on her work. While working, some soldiers came and demanded the key of the little girl. She spoke softly, but refused to give them the key.  The soldiers tore the house apart looking for the key and they also trampled in her mother's herb garden.

We learned about  the British system of describing land and how it was used to outline a person's property. We made our own outline of our property.

We also cut out a 3 foot piece of yarn which equaled a "chain length". We measured our kitchen by the yarn.

 The boys also enjoyed acting out an Indian war dance followed by an Indian welcome dance.

In our Bible reading, we learned about measuring.
 Length means how long something is. 
Breadth means how wide something is.

Thomas measured our dinning room by his own feet. Next we drew a scale of our room.

You cant see it, but we wrote down the measurements on the orange paper.

Science: The boys made their own herb gardens. Sarah colored a princess.

Storytime: We are still reading parts of our nonfiction book, If You Lived 100 Years Ago.
We have read some very interesting things about New Yorkers 100 years ago. 
We made a bubble map of our reading one day. {This was acually an activity from week 22 that we didnt get to}.
The topic we read on this day was clothing for girls. The boys thought the most important idea was that they dressed different for different events.

math {Horizons math 2}: multiplication tables, fractions,  line graphs, equations, solids, shapes, odd/even numbers, measurements, and patterns
drawing: 3 little pigs
By the time he finished the 3 pigs, he was too "tired" to color or write.

Nathaniel {Horizons math K}: adding, subtracting, recognizing equal parts, and counting by 2's and 3's

Abeka health: we reviewed the first 11 lessons

Abeka science: We talked about different animals learned about animal instincts and their "purposes". Some animals give us food, and some catch harmful insects and animals.

Abeka history: Topics this week were Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day {which they loved}, and America's patriotic songs. We talked about the song "Yankee Doodle". 
Did you know that Yankee Doodle :
* was written by an English army doctor?
*was actually making fun of the Americans?
*a doodle means something foolish?

Nathaniel wrote his own words to the tune of Yankee Doodle.

A little boy whose name is Boots
is a very happy boy.
He loves his daddy very much
and loves his mother too.

I also started setting a timer {10 min} for each of the boys and they read on, and we started a new game at So far, no complaints from either one!!


My tired princess taking a nap.
 Thomas and Hattie. Hattie is 18 months now. At her doc appt., she was 19 pounds and 31 1/4 inches tall.
 Baby Hattie loves to draw.


  1. I can't wait to go through Beyond again next year!

  2. We have enjoyed this year with HOD the most. We have loved every minute of Beyond. Next year, we will be taking a break from HOD. My older son is ready to move on, but we would be pulling little brother along if we keep going. I think we are going to use FIAR for at least a year and see how we like that, then jump back into HOD when my younger son is ready.


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