Friday, January 25, 2013

Unit 21 review {BLHFHG}

Unit 21 Beyond Little Hearts For His Glory {+ extras}

Our Bible verse this week was Philipians 4:8

We talked about keeping our minds thinking on the positive things of life {as the verse says things that are: honest,just,pure, lovely, and of good report}. We talked about how our minds set our moods so if we think on the good things, we'll have better attitudes and better days. Our minds records the things we read, watch, and hear so we need to be careful of what we do because we dont want to record ungodly things. If we read the Bible, and listen to the messages {which we try when we can}, we will have good recordings in our minds. We also talked about having a conscience and knowing what was right and wrong. And, of course, Thomas got confused and asked how people were sometimes knocked unconscious. =) After a few sentences, he understood the difference.

We read about the French settlers going to Detroit. We read a story about a little French girl {Marie} and her journey to Detroit with her baby doll, Lady Claire. She met lots of Indians and even let them hold her doll. One Indian lady even made her a pair of tiny baby sized moccasins for her dolly. The settlers traveled in canoes so the boys made their own canoes out of flour and water. {We didnt have toothpicks}.

We traced the Mississippi River with our fingers,and  found Detroit on the map. We pointed out and talked about the Great Lakes.  As the settlers came to Fort Detroit, a rainbow appeared in the sky. They took it as a good sign.

We talked about taking baths and showers. And talked about making sure we wash every inch of our bodies and keeping clean {and wearing deodorant for Thomas}. We talked about bad habits such as biting fingernails {this was a good one for Boots, his poor nails are really small from biting}. We also talked about our eyes and our ears. We went over again the different parts of our eyes and what each does, and the same for our ears. We also talked about using our eyes and ears for God.

{Beyond Science}
When Marie was in the woods she seen a hummingbird sipping nectar from a flower. We read about different kinds of birds and how they each have unique beaks for the type of food they eat. I set out different kinds of food and different kinds of  "beaks" for the boys to test out and decide what beak was best for getting what type of food. 
woodpecker: tweezers~rice
sparrow: clothespin~popcorn seeds
pelican: fork~marshmallows in water
hummingbird:eye dropper~ yellow water

Once all were tested they laid down the "beak" by the food they thought it was easiest to get, and they were exactly right!! 

While traveling to Detroit, a storm came up. We read about the different types of clouds and tried to make our own.

 We talked about teeth. We learned about how babies dont {usually} have teeth when they are born and they only need milk to drink. Toddlers have 20 teeth, and  full grown adults have 28-32 teeth. We talked about baby teeth falling out for stronger teeth. Also, we learned that teeth are stronger than bones. Our teeth have different jobs and are all important.

My America:
We talked about American freedoms such as the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the freedom of religion . We also talked about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We also reviewed the states that are around our state.

We started our nonfiction book this week, If You Lived 100  Years Ago. They boys are enjoying reading about how people lived in New York 100 years ago. They are learning about how the rich lived vs. the poor and middle class. On Friday, we acted out parts of the book that we've read so far, and the boys had a good time and lots of laughs.
We also started another book Lisa and the Drainpipe Prayer. The chapters are longer in this book, so we'll finish it next week.

He is still reading from the Christian Liberty Nature Reader, and has read about wasps, eagles, bees and butterflies . He is still doing multiplication facts, fractions, adding, subtracting, counting $ and this week ratios. His drawing this week was a little red hen.

He's still moving right along in math and phonics. He also read to me a book on my Kindle Fire called I Love Boots. I picked this book for him because he LOVES Boots~thus his nickname: Boots.  He had a few word problems in math this week, and also worked on liquid measurement, time and couting by two's. He finished lesson 3 of the Bunny Lesson.

The boys have been drinking hot chocolate this week in the mornings while I read. This day they were eating livermush with their hot chocolate.

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