Thursday, November 8, 2012

unit 13 review

Unit 13

Bible verse:
And we know that all things work together for good
 to them that love God, to them who are the
 called according to his prupose.
Romans 8:28 

We had a lot of good discussions from our Bible verse this week.  We talked more about God's will for our lives {from our  unit 11 verse }. With the election being this week, I took the kids and voted, and they were anxious to see who won. When they woke up Wednesday morning to find that who we voted for didnt win, they were bummed. This verse in Romans was an encouragement to them, and myself. We talked about how even when we are sad that God is in control and always works things together for good for those who love Him. We talked about what things God has given us that we should thank him for. A few they named were: family, food, a place to live, being able to homeschool, clothes, and friends. We talked about our greatest blessing of all is awaiting us in heaven and  about offering our bodies to God, to be used according to his purpose.

 When spring came, the Mayflower was going to return to England. The captain offered to take anyone back {for free} that wanted to go. No one took him up on that offer. The Pilgrims had a wonderful harvest in the fall, and they wanted to honor God with a feast of Thanksgiving.  They had a week long feast to give God thanks. They invited their Indian friends to come "party" with them. The Indians made popcorn for the Pilgrims, and I made some {microwavable} for my Pilgrims. 

The Indians and Pilgrims played games and we played some too!!

They jumped from a "line" and measured the distance in inches.
1st jump:
Thomas 42.5 inches
Nathaniel 46.5 inches

2nd jump
Thomas 57.5 inches
Nathaniel 46.5 inches

 Thomas tossing the sock

Then we did a sock toss game. They tossed a pair of Daddy's socks into a bucket, and I moved the bucket back each time they made it in.    

We talked about the different seasons and we did a little visual of them. We divided the paper into 4 sections for the seasons, and painted a "bush" for each season.


We talked about fall, and how beautiful the leaves were and we learned that when the leaves change colors, its because they are dying. We talked about how death is so beautiful in nature, and even though we get sad when our family/friends really is beautiful to God. We learned how leaves have "veins" just like we do, that carry fod and nutrients
to the leaf. Our science project was to make a leaf from a paper towel and put the leaf in water and watch the veins {made from a marker} carries the food to the rest of the leaf that wasnt in the water. It was a really neat visual for the boys. After we did this, we emptied the water and put another leaf into the cup and watched as nothing happened...this showed how the leaf will die and fall off the tree from lack of nutrients.


We started our new genre today: fantasy. To introduce fantasy, I wrote this sentence: 

The purple cat talked to the dog.

I asked the boys what couldnt happen in that sentence, and they said the cat couldnt be purple, and it couldnt talk.

We changed the sentence to say:

The black cat, purred to the dog.

We talked about fantasy being like your imagination and how you can make up any thing {silly or not} in the story.

Our fantasy book is The Cricket in Times Square

Thomas read the book Wagon Wheels and is still surprising me with his reading skills. He was a little later than I expected, to learn to read but he's doing really well, and very seldom needs help with the words. In math he's working on multiplying by 0's, 1's, and 10's. I thought I would have to use flash cards with him, but once I went over the "rules" for these #'s, he didnt need the flash cards at all.

Nathaniel is asking me to do his math work independently, which makes me happy, that he's gaining confidence to work alone. 

Hattie had her 15 month check up this week. I took all the kids along, and they behaved really well. I was very proud of them!! When we got home, they played "doctor" on and off the rest of the day. Hattie weighed 18lbs....she's my tiny tot, but she's my baby and I love her just the way she is.

 Nathaniel checking out the store

 Thomas's MineCraft painting, my kids have painted almost every day this trip to Walmart will be to get new paint!!

We finished school early this week. We were planning on going to South Carolina to visit some family, but that didnt work out. We still may go to Kentucky to visit some friends, but either way.....we are done with school for the week.

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