Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Fun {BLHFHG}

We took a break this week from our studies  to enjoy the week of Thanksgiving.

They boys played outside a lot more than I expected, so we didnt get as much done as I had wanted to.

Painting was #1 on the list of "what do ya'll want to do the week of  Thanksgiving?". Sarah and Nathaniel made trees, and painted leaves with  q-tips.

Thomas didnt want to paint, so he stacked cups.

 And Hattie stopped for a rest. She loves chewing on wet wash cloths.

The easy bake oven doesnt get much use {I think because of the "waiting" time}, so before I put it up for sale, Sarah made the last cake. Here she is waiting on her cake to finish baking.

We had an idea from another blog to make necklaces. The boys made "Thanksgiving" necklaces. Each bead represents a part of the "Thanksgiving" story. They are proud of these!! These necklaces ended up being a big hit with the other neighborhood kids too. We had a friends over to make their own necklaces.

Sarah wanted to make some cookies to take to Granmaw's house for Thanksgiving. She enjoyed making these, they were so easy to roll up and she loved dipping them into the sprinkles.
 Her favorite part is stirring!!
 Final product...........funfetti cookies!!
 Sarah and Hattie kicking the blocks!!
 The boys were anxious to make these indian hats. They put a lot of time and effort into the decorations. I think they turned out really nice.

 Nathaniel says his hat is too big.....he's usually hard to please.

I had my camera at our Thanksgiving dinners, and didnt think to even use it. We were too busy fellow shipping and eating =)

I wasn't planning on the week going by so fast, or us being so busy, but we had a great Thanksgiving week. !! We enjoyed the rest time, but are looking forward to week 15 next week of HOD!!

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