Friday, October 12, 2012

unit 9 review {BLHFHG}

Week 9

Bible verse: Colossians 3:23

Monday: In history, we learned that the Pilgrims were in the Mayflower for 9 long weeks before land was finally sighted. When the Pilgrims found the land, it wasnt warm like they had hoped, and it wasnt a good place to settle.
We learned some new words in geography:
north pole
south pole
northern hemisphere
southern hemisphere

We started a historical fiction book today called Sarah Witcher's Story. The boys pretended to be the Pilgrims on the boat and finding land, and we talked about how them acting that out would be like historical fiction because it really happened but we don't know exact details so it mixes the truth with made up details.

Tuesday: We talked about how the Pilgrims rested on the Sabbath, and on Monday they went ashore to do some chores. The women washed clothes while the children ran along the shore and then picked nuts under the hickory trees. By the night time, all the work was finished.
In science, we talked about starfish. Since starfish sometimes wash up on the shore, the Pilgrim children were likely to see some. We made our own starfish. 

Wednesday: While looking for a place to live, the Pilgrims seen some deer, and some INDIANS!! They offered the Indians some gifts but they refused them and ran away and hid. 

Thursday: The Pilgrims found an Indian village with empty wigwams, and they also found what one thought might be an Indian grave. When they dug it up, it turned out to be corn, lots of different colored corn that they had never seen before. They took about 10 bushels back to the Mayflower and planned to repay the Indians when they could. We played a game where boys followed directions {N,S,W,E} on a grid to find the corn. We also talked about the word FAITH. I told the boys that we cant see faith, and we read in the Bible about faith and not looking to things that can be seen, but to the unseen, well, Thomas stopped me and says, "Uh, I see Faith all the time." I was waiting to hear what he was going to say, and he says, "My Aunt Faith". Not what I had expected him to say, but he had a big smile on his face and he looked just like his daddy.

Friday: We read in the Bible about Nehemiah being called by God to rebuild the wall in Jerusalem.  Just like Nehemiah, the Pilgrims needed to build a protected town. The Pilgrims worked hard and trusted God. We also learned the exclamation point and reviewed the period and question mark.

Thomas: Thomas is still working #'s that come before and after by 7's and telling time. He also learned < and > symbols/meanings. We pretended they were a hungry PacMan and the mouth always went for the bigger number. He took a break to draw me a picture using the symbols. 

 I have a picture to put here, but it keeps saying drawing failed??

Thomas finished his first book today from the Emerging Readers set. Next week his work will get a little harder. I've been letting him verbally answer the questions at the end of his stories, but next week he will have to write the answers in a notebook {3-4 questions a day}.

Nathaniel: Nathaniel is working on blends in phonics {cl, bl, br, dr} and for the first time, all week, he has said all the letters and sounds correctly!! In math, he is counting to 60 and recognizing numbers up to 30. He is also working on addition, number lines, and telling time. 

 We will try something new next week with our school store. In the past the store was only open on Friday afternoons after school. Next week, I will open the store on Monday morning before school, and then again Friday after school. I also bought some shelve things at Walmart and we are going to try more of a work box approach next week with school. 

Some extras:

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great weekend!!

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