Friday, October 26, 2012

unit 11 review {BLHFHG}

Unit 11

Bible verse:
Teach me to do thy will;
 for thou art my God: thy spirit is good;
lead me into the land of uprightness.  Psalms 143:10

This week was sorta blah for us. I was a little lazy, and didnt do any "extras".

Heart of Dakota:
The Pilgrims built one big house for everyone to live in once they got to where they wanted to settle. They didn't know how to build log cabins, so they built board houses. There was a little boy, named Thomas, who wanted so badly to help the men cut down the trees. He kept getting in the way, but still did all he could to help. Finally, when the frame of the house was going up, Thomas was a HUGE help. Some doubted, and others were encouraging.....Thomas climbed up to where a man was trying to hook the frame of the house together and he helped him get the job done.

We didnt do any experiments this week {slack/busy momma}. We did do the project to build the frame of a house.
And Thomas decided to continue with his designing.

My boys learned the first 3 steps to becoming a President this week
1.born a U.S. citizen 35 years old
3. been a U.S. resident 14 years

They had a lot of fun saying friends/family members names and deciding whether or not they would be allowed to run for President or not.

Thomas worked on his drawing this week. He's building more and more confidence with this program.

Both boys worked on math, and are still practicing what they've been learning. I'm really enjoying the Horizons curriculum. I don't make Thomas {2nd} do every single problem. I usually mark 1/2 of them out with a pencil.

I started working on teaching the months of the year this week. I found a cute song on YouTube, that they are already picking up. YaY!

We are still enjoying the workbox system we have started. I let the boys pick what they want to do first. Thomas about 98% of the time picks reading, which really surprises me. Nathaniel only has math and phonics as choice, so he chooses math 1st every time.

We have 1 week left of Sarah Witcher's story, and they boys are loving it still!! 

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  1. Your boys are so handsome. :) We've really enjoyed Draw Write Now as well.


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